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Debitrak is delighted to announce our latest cashless project in conjunction with North West

Business Machines at Bolton College.Over 600 students who qualify for the College Bursary Scheme in Bolton can now claim their meal

allowance at four new ‘state of the art’ EPOS terminals located across campus, supplied by North

West Business Machines featuring SamTouch EPOS software, both fully integrated with Debitrak

cashless payments.

Existing student cards have been connected to Debitrak’s student management system, avoiding

the need to introduce a secondary keyfob or other identifier that would unnecessarily single out

eligible students enrolled in a College support scheme. All entitlements are configured and

monitored easily and discretely using the cloud based backoffice system. If allowances change or

new students are enrolled as the academic year progresses, these changes to the system are

actioned in real time.

A daily limit is currently set per student with split tendering enabled for sales over that amount.

Scope also exists to place restrictions on items that can be purchased using the scheme.

For more information on how Debitrak solves managing bursaries at colleges


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