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Build Customer Loyalty

encourage repeat visits, promote special offers, events and gift cards with our web based rewards scheme tailored directly to your business.

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What is Debitrak Rewards?

Debitrak Rewards is a web based solution that thanks customers for their repeat business with instant rewards based around their purchases at your POS. It is easy to set up and even easier to manage. No tangled cables and connections, just an internet connection at the POS will unlock all the great system features and start to build some more great reasons for customers to keep coming back for more.

Perfect Business Builder

We can link your own website to Debitrak rewards or you can use ours. Your loyalty card holders can visit the site to check their rewards balances and check out any promotions or offers you have created.

We offer a fully hosted service and all the accessories you need to get started. We can supply all the cards, key fobs or wrist bands you need in a wide range of styles and colours, featuring your own logos and branding.

We can also supply a complete design and printing service for all your information leaflets advertising the scheme. We can even supply window stickers and flutter banners to promote your new rewards scheme on premises.


Getting Started

Your customers simply collect their loyalty card, key fob or wristband, together with simple instructions that allow them to register on line to start collecting rewards. Choose the loyalty ID that best suits you from a wide range of options using contactless RFID technology or barcode.

Once registered, every time customers make a purchase, they simply swipe their card or fob at the reader connected to your POS to record what they have bought, the date and time and the amount spent.


Instant Rewards

Debitrak Rewards is product based, where a free coffee, specific beverage or food item can be received after a specific number of that product has been purchased. A 5th Latte free, a half price sandwich when a soup is purchased, special discounts on curry night. The choice is yours. Lock down specific days of the week as well as time periods through the day for rewards to encourage off-peak trading to match your business.


Managing Your Scheme

Using your own personal web based management portal, it’s easy to watch your membership grow and easier still to create and manage as many rewards as you want to. 20% off all drinks in the bar on Tuesdays? No problem. You decide what to offer and when and change it as often as required. There’s also lots of interesting information available about who is visiting regularly and what benefits they enjoy offering instant evaluation of what is working best for your business.



Send your customers tailored text messages or emails about special offers and promotions to encourage visitor frequency, especially at quiet times. Highlight messages to infrequent customers to bring them back and reward regular customers with tempting offers. Create your own on-line campaigns and, if necessary, specify which branches are participating.


Gift Cards

Create and sell Gift cards at your POS. Perfect for special birthdays, anniversaries or just a night out for your friends and family. The cards can be used instead of cash for payment at the POS and are a proven winner for increasing revenues through any outlet.


For more information on how to create your own business incentives,
increase your sales, raise your profits and reduce your costs

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