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Handsome  young man using a copy machine

Contactless Copy & Print


Unprotected access to copiers is an expensive problem for any busy library or office. Installing coin controllers simply adds to the problem of the correct change, queues and “out of service” notices where the system simply falls apart. Introduce a card payment solution from Debitrak and the problem goes away.


Only authorized card holders can copy, and pay using their card, unless they have one of the many copy allowance options available on the system, including the facility to charge copies to different cost centers and get a discount at off peak times.


Now with a managed print and copy service, your copiers can be properly controlled and earn you a fortune, not cost you one.





Network print environments have more problems than most to contend with. Whether it’s a busy university, a bank, factory, hospital; or professional office, the issues are the same. Ever increasing print volumes, lack of accountability, waste on a grand scale.


Introduce a Green agenda with accountability and control. Enforce a control policy and promote and share ‘best practice’ with a range of networked print management solutions available from Debitrak.


A number of configuration options are available; the most popular where print jobs are queued and paid for with a card at a release station, ensuring zero waste and an income to cover the service.


Digital copy printers that can accept walk up business, as well as print jobs from PC workstations can be protected with a single card reader, where both copies and prints can be collected, paid for, or charged to relevant departments.


Managed print and copy service options include integration with all the leading suppliers of networked print management software, including Pcounter, Pharos, Papercut, Uniflow and Equitrac using gateway solutions supplied and supported by Debitrak.

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