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Contactless Staff Canteens

Catering is one of the key applications where a contactless solution offers benefits to both customer and operator alike. Our solution eliminates the need for cash while offering a faster transaction time. The result is shorter queues, a faster service, less administrative time and happy customers who spend more.

The costs associated with and the risks involved in handling large amounts of cash are eliminated by going contactless. The Debitrak software intuitively runs any promotions or loyalty schemes of your design, this allows for multi-level pricing, discounts for selected user groups at allocated times, meal plan allowances, healthy eating initiatives and loyalty schemes all to be managed remotely in real time across multiple sites.  


Staff load funds into a secure account at a top up station on location or through a designated online portal. They can then pay using a range of integrated payment methods such as keyfobs or existing staff cards, a mobile app or online, in advance and for collection only. Simply pick the solution that suits your requirement best. 



Access to a full range of management reports can help streamline any operation, why should catering need to be any different?


Debitrak can help you generate reports and deliver key information quickly, accurately and without having to print out receipts at the till. Transactions are captured, uploaded and stored on our secure servers, which can also be locally hosted if preferred, enabling instant access and helping to reduce the administrative time needed for operating staff.

"Many operators are choosing to upgrade to a contactless and cashless service with Debitrak, for more information please “contact us

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