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Tap & Go Vending

With a growing emphasis on the removal of cash handling and social distancing, there has never been a smarter time to go Cashless!

Increase your sales by offering users multiple payment options across your machines, we can process payments from credit or debit cards, staff access control or ID cards, smartphone applications and more. Keep track of everything with our terminal management software, accessible from any device with a connection to the internet!

Our vending readers can operate through a cellular connection, eliminating the need to run network cables to each machine.

Cashless Vending.png
  • Just needs a mobile phone signal

  • Works with company cards, fobs and contactless bank cards at the same reader

  • Includes our top-up portal and hospitality module

  • Simple, secure & easy to use


“Create your own business incentives, eliminate cash handling, increase your sales, raise your profits and reduce your costs.”

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