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Doherty goes back to school with Taoiseach

“Similarly, my Department has increased the funding for the School Meals Programme by €5.5 million this year which will benefit over 250,000 children in the coming school year – this number continues to grow as more and more schools sign up for the School Meals Programme. This is an important Programme which helps encourage better school attendance and educational achievement by children, especially those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.” Minister for Employment and Social Protection, Regina Doherty.

At Debitrak, we continue to help those schools using subsidised breakfast and lunch services by providing both Schools and Caterers with key information about the number of breakfasts and lunches served, details of the participating pupils and the food selected at each meal serving.

Parents also have the opportunity to top up our unique cashless smart cards with their own funds, allowing extra items to be purchased on demand.

To know more about how Debitrak can help you manage

your school meal plan contact us.

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