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Smarter Schools Use DEBITRAK

Smart Card Technology is fast becoming a popular solution in addressing many of the issues confronting modern schools in Ireland. Integral to their duty of care, School Management Boards have the onerous task of keeping both pupils and staff safe and secure whilst on campus and to do so must control and restrict visitor access to the school site.

Using contactless smart card technology, Debitrak can help!

The same technology which is used in our cashless school meals system can also be applied in other areas with within the school including:

· Access Control Systems

· Monitoring pupil attendance with a simple tap & go facility

· Smart card operated school locker system for both pupils and/or staff

Access Control Systems

A particularly difficult issue for schools is monitoring who is in and who is out at any given time. Controlling visitor access to your site is of paramount importance from both a child protection point of view as well as from the health and safety perspective. By issuing your staff, visitors and pupils with smartcards, attendance on site can easily be monitored.

Monitoring Pupil Attendance

Cut down the time taken to call rolls at each class by allowing pupils to self-register for each session using a simple tap and go smartcard. Debitrak smart cards can be integrated with a range of time and attendance products currently in use in Irish schools.

School Locker System

Offer your staff and pupils safe storage for their property on site. A recent innovation allows Debitrak to facilitate the use of smart lockers where the same technology used in cashless school meals systems can be applied to this exciting prospect.

In summary, Debitrak is a technology based application that can be expanded into other areas of management and control beyond cashless catering. Contact us if you would like to talk through the options for your school.

Be A Smart School – Install Debitrak

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