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5 Reasons Why Your School Needs Debitrak

Debitrak is a Smart Card operated cashless school meals management system that can help your school deliver school meals faster, can dramatically reduce or even eliminate cash handling on campus and discreetly manage pupil meal plans, bursaries and free meals.

Many schools throughout Ireland are keen to streamline their school meal systems whilst saving costs and improving efficiency. We have the answer.

Debitrak has already been successfully installed in 25 schools throughout Ireland and there are 5 key reasons why your school should install the Debitrak system too:

1) Secure and simple to use

2) Significantly reduces the administration burden for staff

3) Shortens dinner queues creating happy customers

4) Discreetly handles free school meal entitlements

5) Increases school meal uptake

Secure & Simple

The Debitrak system is very easy for parents to manage as each pupil will have a smart card with unique logon details where parents can top up their account and review the child’s food consumption. The system is fully accountable as parents can log in and see the payment history in addition to viewing the items that have been purchased by their children. Debitrak uses the same RFID contactless smart card technology favoured by the banking industry and credit card providers delivering a one tap payment at the till.

Significantly Reduce the Administration Burden for Staff

It has never been more expensive to handle and deposit cash. In addition, there is the risk of theft &mis-counting and the time taken to bag & deposit both notes and coins. Debitrak can solve these problems straight away.

Shorter Dinner Queues

Debitrak uses tap and go technology which makes the school meals process up to 6 times faster than handling cash at a till. Shorter queues mean that more pupils can enjoy a school lunch during the allotted time and the canteen can process more people in a shorter amount of time. The contactless payment system results in fewer hygiene issues as staff and pupils will not be handling cash and food simultaneously.

Discreetly Handle Free School Meal Entitlements

Many children can become stigmatised if it becomes apparent that they are receiving free school meals and one of the biggest benefits of Debitrak is that the system can manage any kind of meal plans, bursaries and free meals that apply to students. The discreet system ensures that all students are being treated equally without prejudice and allows users to avail of discounts that may be applied to their account.

Increase School Meal Uptake

As processing time is reduced, the school canteens can process more pupils and serve more dinners. Additionally, due to the online top up facility, all funds added by parents will be spent on school meals without any risk of that money going to other sources before, after or during school hours.

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