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Why School Caterers Need Debitrak

Are you a School Caterer who would you like to:

- Increase your meals uptake

- Operate securely from a positive float

- Have faster queues and happier customers

- Increase your turnover through “meal deals” & incentives

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We can help you to achieve all the above with our cashless school meal system


Debitrak is a web based solution that allows your customers to pay for purchases at your POS using funds stored on their own personal on-line account. Your customers can easily access their account online and top it up so that when they arrive in your cafeteria it’s as simple as tap and go at the till. No counting cash and giving change. A typical site with 500 customers each with only €20 in their food account means €10,000 in your account earning interest! Also, you have no more handling, counting, bagging and banking cash. Imagine your customers paying in advance to make purchases in your cafeteria. Imagine a faster service with shorter queues, happier customers, increased footfall & increased turnover. Parental funding through smart cards ensures funds can only be spent at your facility. Debitrak dramatically reduces “brown-bagging”, at the same time assuring parents that their children get a nutritious and well balanced meal in the middle of the day, protection your turnover and growing your business.

What’s not to like? Debitrak delivers!

Are You Ready?

It’s easier to decide to go cashless in your school cafeteria once you have all the facts to hand. The Debitrak team is currently offering free site surveys to any school in the Dublin area considering going cashless with their school meals service.

What does this mean? A site survey is the first step in the process and allows us gather all relevant information about your facility. We look at your location, facilities, pupil numbers, IT status and operational objectives and from this we can deliver an accurate project plan and cost analysis to help you make your decision. Typically, it’s a 45 minute – 1 hour meeting with an opportunity to walk the site and answer any questions from the school, the catering provider or other involved parties.

If you’d like to organise a FREE SITE SURVEY, please contact us on

ASK US how the start-up costs can be supported through a small one-off fee to scheme users.

Debitrak, and our other main brand FacilityPro, are proud to be the suppliers of cashless technology to:

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