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Parents Love DEBITRAK – Here’s Why

Picture the scene: It’s Sunday night and parents up and down the country start to prepare for another busy week of juggling work, school and all their many other commitments. And they all have the same problem – no change for school dinner money.

Some will scrape together enough coinage to make sure Monday’s school dinner is covered, whilst others, with a sigh of resignation, will hand over a €20 note and elicit a promise that the money will only be spent in the school canteen and not in the shops on the way to or from school.

It’s a familiar dilemma which most parents face on a weekly basis, and yet it need not be so.

That’s why parents love Debitrak!

By installing a cashless school meals system, you will remove the need for parents to provide cash and you will also give those same parents peace of mind that their son/daughter will be provided with a healthy & nutritious mid-day meal. Issue your pupils with Debitrak smart cards and by logging on and topping up their child’s school meal account any time – 24/7 – pupils can simply “tap & go” at the canteen till. The system is secure and lost cards can be immediately cancelled and funds protected.

Up to 80% of all commercial transactions are cashless, and school meals providers are adopting the same technology favoured by major banks and financial institutions to keep abreast of this change.

A cashless school meals system from Debitrak is easy to install, embraced by parents and happily adopted by staff and pupils.

Ease the burden for your school’s parents by going cashless in your school canteen, and reap the rewards of shorter dinner queues, increased school meal uptake and reduced time / cost for cash handling.

Become a Smart School – Save Money, Go Cashless!

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