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Debitrak Partners with Healthy Eating Drive in Irish Schools

The School Food Company is a family run business.

The company was started in 2011 by brothers Ken and Mark Boland.As the business expanded and became more successful their sisters Laura and Pauline joined the team.

This hard working team is fully committed to providing food that is tasty and healthy.

Their mission is to get junk food out of Irish schools and revolutionize the school food environment.

Their ethos is simple – to help children and young people to make healthier food choices by making healthy food available in schools.

They make it easy for kids to have access to healthy and delicious food at school – with zero cost or hassle to the school.

The School Food Company is in the process of rolling out Debitrak into all their school sites in Ireland.

Using smart chips enabled in special key fobs, children pay for their food and drinks with one simple ‘Tap & Go’ at the Point of Sale in the cafeteria. Parents top up their children’s’ accounts online through the Company’s website, where they can also see what their children have been spending (and eating)

Now parents know that their children will get a healthy meal and snacks throughout the day and that money won’t be spent in local shops on sweets and fizzy drinks.

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