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Frequently asked Questions


Is my child’s new Debitrak card a credit card?

No, Debitrak systems operate with prepaid debit cards which parents have topped up online for their children to use at school.  Students will learn important, real world, budgeting skills without the risks of incurring any debt.

Can my child use their Debitrak card in other places, e.g. in the local shops on the way to school?

No, Debitrak cards can only be used within the school campus, primarily in the school cafeteria.  Some schools ask us to extend the use of Debitrak to include roll call attendance, vending machine purchases, card-entry locker systems and school shop purchases (e.g. uniform items / books etc.).

What happens if my child loses their card?

By either immediately informing your school office or using the lost card feature on the Debitrak web portal, the student’s card will be made “inactive”.  Your card balance will be transferred to a replacement card, so your funds are safe.

How much money should I keep on my child’s card?

We recommend that parents consider keeping enough money on their child’s card to cover the cost of a week’s worth of meals.  Your school will set a minimum top up level, and this varies between €10 and €20.  Some schools may also apply a top up maximum amount at their discretion

Is the system secure?

Yes.  Your child’s account balance can only be accessed using their secure contactless card, and only this card can unlock their funds for spending within the school campus. If the card is reported lost or stolen, then the balance is fully protected and the account can be instantly locked against misuse or fraud. At Debitrak we use end to end encryption technology to protect data and balances that are transmitted between the Point of Sale on Campus and our secure servers hosted on the cloud.

Can my child spend all the money on their card at once?

Your child’s school can set a limit on daily spend to ensure that this situation does not arise.

What if I forgot to top up on time, will my child be refused lunch?

Most schools - under their duty of care obligations - will ensure that any hungry child is fed. The school can deploy an overdraft facility, allowing an account to go into debit to an agreed credit limit, which allows your child to have a meal that day.  To prevent this situation arising, your school can send reminder emails once account balances reach a certain level, reminding you to top up.

Can another student use my child’s card, either intentionally or unintentionally?

No. If a card has been lost / stolen and reported, it cannot be used by anyone else as it will have been deactivated.  Most schools opt to have students’ cards personalised with names and pictures, as this can prevent students “selling” their dinner to others, or being “forced” to allow others to use their card.

My child has food allergies – can you stop these items from being purchased?

Debitrak can prevent certain items from being purchased at the point of sale by specified users, however all allergies / intolerances should still be reported to the school and catering staff in the first instance as a precaution.

Can I see a spend history against the card?

Yes.  Parents accessing the Debitrak portal to top up a card account can view a transaction history against card usage over the previous ten days.  This information includes when purchases were made, what was purchased and the amount of money spent.

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